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Featured Winner

Celebrate the Sea

Celebrate the Sea is the most prestigious event of the sea in the Asia Pacific –  first launch in 2002 as part of ADEX – Asian Diver Expo, the festival was subsequently staged in Kuala Lumpur 2003 and 2004, Singapore 2005 and 2006, Philippines 2007, 2008 – it has evolved to be the one of the most important international event of the sea.  The 3-day event is comprise of showing the latest in marine feature documentaries, children’s painting competition, exhibition featuring an international prints in competition, posters display on  marine environmental issues. Past presenters at Celebrate the Sea are comprised of some of the world’s most prominent luminaries in underwater imaging and science, including: Stan Waterman, David Doubilet, Dr Sylvia Earle, Dr Phil Nyutten, Dr Gerry Allen, Emory Kristof of National Geographic, Michael AW, Dr Carden Wallace – curator Museum of Tropical Queensland, Dr. Lindsay Porter – WWF Hong Kong, Daniel D’Orville, Leandro Blanco, Mathieu Meur, Jacky Stanley, Dr Mark Erhmann, just to name a few. Celebrate the Sea is proudly presented by OceanNENvironment in association with The World Festival of Underwater Pictures, Antibes Juan Les Pins.