Tangkoko Nature Reserve Tour


Starts 12:00 p.m. Duration: 8 - 9 hours


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Depart from a centrally located hotel in Manado to the famous Tangkoko Nature Reserve. The two-hour road trip to this 9,000-hectare reserve gives you a scenic taste of the beautiful North Sulawesi landscape. Lunch is served in a local restaurant en-route. At the nature reserve, you will be guided by knowledgeable forest rangers (and Safari staff) in search of the black crested macaque (black monkey indigenous to North Sulawesi), the hornbill bird and sloth-like couscous along with other fascinating fauna specific to the area. We will then head into the denser part of the jungle as the sun is setting, where you have a very high chance of getting some photographs of the delightful tarsier monkey - at maximum 16cm tall it is the world's smallest primate.

Includes: Transportation, lunch, one guide book for two persons, English speaking guide, entrance/ranger fees.

Mt. Mahawu & Minahasa Highland Combo Tour


Starts 08:00 a.m. Duration: 8 - 9 hours


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Depart from a centrally located hotel in Manado. We will first visit the famous, large traditional food & flower market in Tomohon, then head to Mahawu volcano. From the starting point, we embark on the 30 minute climb up the stairs to the crater’s edge. From the observation point at the top we have a spectacular view of Bunaken & Manado Tua Islands, as well as the bay of Manado. A walk around the crater’s rim will take 45-60 minutes, and we can also observe a steaming lake and experience the smell of sulphur from the pool.

After the market stroll and magnificent hike, we head for lunch on Tondano Lake to enjoy the serenity of the huge, natural lake and its surrounding hills. After lunch, we travel to Pulutan village, a cottage industry village for pottery-making. We can also take a walk through the rice plantations. As we head back down towards your resort, we will visit Ranopaso hot springs.

Includes: Transportation, lunch, English speaking guide, guide fees.