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Take your winning shots with Murex Manado! As the pioneers of diving in North Sulawesi, Murex dive guides have thousands of logged dives in the area and they are experts at finding even the smallest of critters for you to photograph. Murex dive guides are photography trained and understand photographers don’t want to feel rushed or pressured when capturing images.

This beautiful little dive resort is set amid lush, tropical water gardens, overlooking the ocean and offers warm hospitality, exceptional service and a passion for diving.

Combine your stay with Murex Bangka and double the diversity of your competition images.


This beautiful Robinson Crusoe tropical island location is a photographers dream; palm-fringed, white sand beaches on land and kaleidoscopic reefs underwater. Whether shooting wide-angle or macro, there is no shortage of opportunities. Stunning natural beauty, exceptional service and a cosy dive resort with a passion for marine life and underwater photography.

Combine your stay with Murex Manado and double the diversity of your competition images.